Because it’s amazing, because I’ve made the best friends ever and had the most fun?

There are so many reasons to join, I’ve become a bit of an evangelist in many ways,but with the best intentions. You should join if you’re into latex, leather or PVC, a chance to spend an entire weekend dressed up to the nines doing interesting things with interesting people is well worth the outlay.

There has been a little confusion with the club because we mention that we are mainly a club for couples, this is because the club was formed to be a non threatening space to bring a new partner and introduce them to fetish in a safe and friendly environment. I have heard from more than one source that people haven’t wanted to join because we are a swinger’s club, this is definitely not the case! Like all fetish groups, we have an assortment of members, some are into swinging, heavy rubber or BDSM as well as having a yen for shiny clothing, however, all of the main Mach2 events are strictly nonplay events, though there is no restriction on what members get up to in their rooms.

The private parties are held by various members and can be of any flavour the hosts would like. I’m always prepared to go that extra mile and batter a friend or two…consensually of course ?
The majority of members are couples, we do have some members who are solo attendees, though some of these members do have partners who prefer not to attend events. As this has remained our demographic and as the age range of the club is 20’s to 80’s it isn’t the ideal dating venue.

The best part for me is the laughter, I associate Mach2 with daftness, playfulness and laughing until I cry. This might sound quite odd for a fetish club, but that’s just it, in the main, fetishists are a fabulous cross section of ordinary society, intelligent, warm, hardworking, some are a bit geeky, some are artistic and creative, musical, odd, shy, extrovert and wonderful.

Through fetish, I have friends in the USA, Canada and most countries in Europe, not all are in Mach2, but it is so wonderful to meet up regularly with those that are in the club at Mach2 events or at other fetish events when we turn up mob handed.

If you have a partner who is uncertain and are interested in joining and live in the South, I can always arrange to meet on neutral territory with my partner for a coffee and a chat, we’re ever so normalish in non latex mode…

We have sparkly stuff, cake, shoes, tea parties, bouncy castles, swimming, vac beds, raffles, prizes, fizzy stuff, lube, dancing, rope, walking, we go on bus trips, boat trips, train trips and ski trips, we’re properly international and a bizarre sort of family in a bizarre sort of way.

By: Caroline (Magazine Editor)

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